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"What you aim at determines what you see."
Jordan Peterson
Sea kayak trip around Dzharylgach Island
A wonderful sea kayaking trip around Dzharylgach island, which took place before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Enjoy viewing, and leave your comments and questions below....
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How to block Viber from showing you ads? Editing the hosts file on MacOS
If you are interested in the question How to block Viber from showing you ads? Editing the hosts file on MacOS then in this short but very useful video you will get the answer to it....
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Video shooting Dance flash mob Love story
Video shooting A very romantic order - a video shooting in Kharkiv, in which there were so many interesting things: a dance flash mob, and a love story, and the main thing is that intrigue and surprise were woven into the plot. First of all, of course, I suggest that you watch the video, namely [&he...
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Birthday photoshoot of a child one year old Kharkiv
Birthday photoshoot A solemn moment in the life of every family is when it's time for your child to celebrate his very first birthday in his life. A photo session for a child's birthday will allow you to save such important moments that you always want to remember when reviewing photos. Reportage ph...
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A creative photographer, videographer, author of projects and just a pleasant conversationalist. If you don't have a story, I'll create one for you.

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