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Video shooting Dance flash mob Love story

Video shooting

A very romantic order - a video shooting in Kharkiv, in which there were so many interesting things: a dance flash mob, and a love story, and the main thing is that intrigue and surprise were woven into the plot. First of all, of course, I suggest that you watch the video, namely the result, how the video shooting of Kharkiv went, and only then I will tell you a little about the details of how this reportage flash mob was filmed.

Dance flash mob

The peculiarity of this video shooting was that I had to shoot a dance flash mob. And this meant that I had no chance of making a mistake and I had to shoot this reportage video from the first time, from the first take, and everything had to turn out perfectly. I don’t know how perfect it turned out, it’s probably still a little difficult for me to judge. In the end, the right to evaluate the quality of the video always remains with the viewer.

If you liked this dance flash mob and how it was filmed, please write about it in the comments. At the same time, you can also add some critical comments. I think that only God is perfect, and therefore if you are a cameraman and are shooting, then as a specialist you probably noticed some interesting nuances that could be improved. This dance flash mob was a surprise for the future bride, and she was really surprised.

Love story

Then our story moves on to the most interesting - love story. The future groom decided to propose to his bride in a creative way and at the same time, all this was supposed to be a surprise for the bride. That is why the dance flash mob was prepared in complete secrecy. The bride was invited just to take a walk in Gorky Park, and, as if by chance, stumbled upon a dance group. And the main character was the future groom hiding under the mask, who did not yet know if she would answer him - yes.

And here it is, finally, the climax of this love story, unexpectedly appeared flowers, a ring, words uttered with fear - "do you agree" and ... well, in general, you understand, this is a story with a happy ending. she told him yes, and now we have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful story. A few photos in the gallery - Video filming in Kharkiv dance flashmob Lovestory.

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